Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Boy meets girl. 
Girl wants to run like the wind.
But she stays.
So they both stay.
And they learn to trust.
And love. Again.
And that’s a good thing.
I think.
And I hope the girl will truly stay,
Because she means the world to me.
She is fiery.
And she’s smiley.
Infusing a radiant yellow back into my deepest of mellows.
She makes me laugh.  And blush.
And feel purpose in my veins again.
She challenges me to be translucently real.
And to live for something better than myself.
She complements me, filling in for my inadequacies.
She knows just how to smooth my rough edges.
She is quite beautiful.
Stunning, in fact.
Well I don’t mean to put her on some pedestal,
I just thank God for her.
And I want to know her even more.
And I want to lift her up and hold her hand.
And be her friend in fair weather and every ferocious storm.
Mesmerized in unity,
We’ll traverse the world from one end to the other.
…Or maybe we’ll just get lost on some far-off deserted island…
Only to find in quilted paradise,
Under pitter patter of rainy roofs
that two are, indeed, better than one…
Boy meets girl.
That’s a good thing.
I think.

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