Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hearing the Seagulls

There is a seagull outside in the parking lot yelling in my ear.   Have you ever had your ears irrigated?  Last week Melissa irrigated my right ear canal which had become clogged and quite painful.  I had been trying to clean it out on my own using a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water, but, I forgot to warm the liquid.  The extreme shock of sudden introduction of a cold substance to the inside of your skull messes with your equilibrium in a major way.  I finally bought a baby ear dropper and told Melissa I needed her to come over and play nurse (no innuendo intended).  She was quite reluctant at first, but when she started to see progress, in perhaps a grotesque sort of way, she became eager to continue to irrigate, to the point of drowning.  The peroxide solution was running out of my ear and into my nose and mouth.    I sort of wish we had recorded this for Youtube posterity.  It would have been rated up there along with the Toothpaste For Dinner guy:

Toothpaste For Dinner guy...

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