Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Batman in Winter

Activities that encompassed my latest 3.5 day off-shift cycle include the following: Sleeping 12 hours, then remerging from vampire bat-like coma into the land of living daylight hours; driving 324 miles roundtrip to see a sparkly someone and achieving nourishment from the 2-for-one fresh Rockfish dinner special at iL Giardino down by the Beach; nearly accomplishing the so called “beast list”, exchanging a bad Epson inkcartridge at Cartridgepros without a receipt no questions asked, watching The Hurtlocker, and being thoroughly disappointed, finessing a recipe of Alaskan salmon with couscous and broccoli for the one I love (she made the deliciously cheesy sauce) and being thoroughly “Appointed”; terrain walk and reconnaissance along the beach at First Landing (yes, the place where They first landed), sitting in a Starbucks with my dear friend, Grande Cappuccino, and reading The Perfect Storm, while I watched the gale blow in over the bay {I may have once been a member of the Gloucester Fishermen (yes, I lettered on the Rifle Team), but there’s a reason I didn’t remain in that town and become a sailor or a fisherman. Me and the high seas don’t mix- which reminds of me of when my brother was taking sailing lessons in Hong Kong and I refused to leave the bay with him, so I jumped overboard and swam back to the beach). I do wish, however comma, that I could acquire the long line or netting skills to become a proper fisher of men}...back to our list…test driving many plush topped minimum 782+ coiled queen-sized mattresses to replace the lifeless futon upon which I’ve been resting my weary head and aching spine every night for the past 3 years {thanks, Matthew, for the replacement futon (yes the one that never left your side during your entire college career), but its finally got to go!); watching three episodes of The Office: Season 5; And on this unseasonably lion winter March day in Virginia: Yoghurt, blueberries, goat-cheese & mushroom omelet, really well-brewed (by me) coffee, snow, sleet, DRUDGEREPORTThe Alyssa Reeves Super Awesome Blog , laughing at the photo of Miles the cat enjoying his first yoghurt; laundry, lists, excel spreadsheets, calendars, and planning my return to the next cycle of Vampire Bat-life and sleepless nights.


Liane said...

So, why didn't you like Hurtlocker? Tell me!

snowtone said...

i miss that futon. but not as much as i miss you.