Thursday, October 29, 2009

Future Reminiscing


Such sweet memories we invoke
Counting countless walks
So oft’ walked alone
Now enter splashing tango in drizzling midnight
And small talk sentiment for hours on the phone…

Iris to iris
Cheek to cheek, dancing rhythm
Begins to exfoliate intricately woven designs
And extinguishes the addiction
Of once-fashionable tattoos of caustic shame

And on flaky white chill winter night
Dull images flash across my flickering screen
And I’m reminiscing about things that have not yet made the scene   
Like wet clothing hung on a line to dry in the scented summer sun
Toes dipped delicately in ice cold Atlantic waves
Even on sweltering east coast early August days
Wandering hearts now drawn together
Undeservedly recompensed in unified debut
Glory reveals only glimpses of this mystery
If not rescued for each other
Then forever for the hope of you

-RbR OCT 09