Sunday, June 14, 2009

notHing Heroic Here

If only I knew the answer. If only I could hear the whispered response.

Do you ever hide yourself away so that in solitude you can simply cry?

I would wipe away your tears if only I could hear the rhythmic pattern of your warm drops on cold floor.

Do you ever burst out laughing?

I would giggle and roll on the floor in awkward and relentless animation if that would even splinter your expression into a smile.

Do you ever gaze hopelessly at the stars in the dark of night?

I would stare, from here, into that same timeless void and hold on for you your hope in wonder and awe.

Do you ever feel anger and rage?

My blood would boil and heart would break to change every wrong to right.

Do you ever brace yourself against the howling and biting wind and wonder when it will end?

I would rise up and block that invisible antagonist and form myself into a hearth a comfort and warmth.

If only I knew. If only my senses could perceive.

If only I could catch a slight glimpse.

I would rise up like some kind of superhero in the nick of time.

I would bag the villains and stop the hurtling train in its tracks.

For you I would take a stand.