Sunday, June 21, 2009

Firefly Tango

Sitting on my porch yesterday evening…at dusk:

Ninja fireflies
Stealthy tango on humid nights

Dazzling, midsummer, bright
Materialize from shimmering shadowless stratosphere
From nothing
Now dazzling festive atmosphere

Watching and wondering
Do they still fly by light of day?
With just as much verve to illuminate…

Do they rest and pray or continuously careen
Fervently through this void
Before their light dies and finally fades

Whereas the question also begs:
Am I too a ninja firefly?

So generous with my own spark of light?
Do I tirelessly generate flint and steel…
Giving all for all in the darkest of nights?

-RBR June 2009


alyssareeves said...

I like it! Wish I were still at Ink. I haven't written at all since being gone. :P

Matthew said...


i love how i can hear your voice when i read this, well done