Friday, February 27, 2009

To This One It Matters

To this one it matters

So this is the world we live in.
Cigarettes and peer pressure:
Being like me, Being like you.
Conforming to the hollow
Just passing on through.

But enough of the excuses
As my eyes look toward You.
And my soul moves forward.
To this one it matters…

So show me this, destination next:
To find a house where everyone’s arrived.
And may they reflect on You
when they think of me.
Instead of dwelling on my greed and pride.

And I say to myself:
Take action.
or leave this life.
Because everything is still a mess
And they’ll never find me in the dark.
I lie.
And healing only comes from being holy.
But I’m willing and confused
Doing what it takes
Bleeding the brakes.

Wanting to be reconciled for every occasion.
Is this desperate persuasion?
Merely a crime of passion
Against the obfuscation of a beating heart?
Expose me, bare my naked soul,
Unshelter the eclipse
Until I can bear no more.
To this one it matters.