Friday, November 23, 2007

No Stars Visible Tonight

No Stars Visible

No stars are visible on this cool, dark October night. The invasive halogen lights pierce through the concertina tipped fence outside my steel barred windows. As I stare up into nothingness, I become blindingly aware of the vast and incongruous expanse of the Creator's universe. There are no borders or subjugating walls out there. There is only infinite and undefined freedom. In the same way, I realize the true freedom I have within my own God-given soul. My failing heart and unmet yearning for a righteous life are not chained to my past or cursed by original sin when I finally give up my futile attempts to be something I am not; When I relinquish the controls I have so rigidly emplaced on my own concept of destiny, I begin to experience that freedom.

This Man-made prison cannot contain me. For the first time in my brief life, I am truly alive. I have committed my ways to the LORD. My darkness is overwhelmed by a righteousness that will shine like the dawn. The justice of my cause will be as bright as the noon day sun! I have been so wrong about so many concepts. I have hurt the very one's closest to my heart. I have let my guard down and accepted the bait of the evil one's snare. But, the Lord brought me up from the pit of failure and eternal destruction. God's just anger only lasts a moment, and although weeping may cause pain and restlessness through the long night, rejoicing is promised in the new morning.

So with that banner lifted high before me, and armed with a renewed mind and transformed being, what is the direction of this new found freedom trail? Where does this journey of a broken and penitent heart lead?


Without fear.

Without bars.